Buckle Up, Sonny Boy; It’s Time To Ride Into The Sunset

Buckle Up, Sonny Boy; It’s Time To Ride Into The Sunset

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Or ride out into the blazing sun. Call this a blazing saddles affair then, but boy oh boy, that sun could get sure darn hot. So, that’s, oh, alright because Bronco Billy’s already got his wide-brimmed hat covering his dome. And way, way above his hot spurs, he’s got a real fine and pretty darn big belt buckle holding up his crusty, worn jeans, his old faithful that he’s been wearing for years and years. You may not be well and truly in the saddle at this time, but, yes, you too can still live it up as the cowboy of every girl’s dreams.

Most of the trail-blazing will be done at night or on a Friday night when all the dust starts to settle after a hard but fine week of work. You don’t have the time of the day for shopping at malls like those girls on their lunch break do, so you’ll be knuckling down into your mobile and punching through online catalogues that show up some real fine belt buckles for men, and there you go, zippity-zap, when you’ve seen an astounding buckle that you really like, you can place your order and wait for your delivery.

Oh, of course, you’ll still need to pay for the darn thing, how could we forget. But never you mind that. Why don’t you take your time going over those belt buckles? That way when you’re heading off to your favorite cowboy bar, you’re going to looking mighty darn fine, yes, thank you ma’am. The buckle will be big and shiny, just like you always wanted, and just like the man you are. It can be a round, rhinestone affair or, if it really has to be, really square.