The Versatility Of Using A Skinny Tie

The Versatility Of Using A Skinny Tie

One point needs to be made for the benefit of men who aspire to be as stylish as possible when slipping on a tie. Mens skinny ties are not ideal for those men who are utterly muscular and barrel chested in their build. It is certainly not ideal for those men who are a tad overweight and with bulging bellies. Otherwise, if you are of average build, and particularly if you are squarely slim and trim, then you are good to go with a men’s skinny tie.

But for those of you who do not fit the bill as outlined above, all is not lost. Only you just won’t be wearing a skinny tie this time around. You are not to be outdone because broad-rimmed silk ties will always be a classic statement, even if the tie is being utilized just for smart casual affairs. Speaking of which, it’s still necessary to fill you in on the versatility of those skinny ties. Thin kids are always going to look pretty smart when dressing up formally.

Mens skinny ties

Dark tailored suits, charcoal and black, with crisply pressed white cotton shirts match up with the thin black tie impeccably. Of course, pointed toe dress shoes, which must be polished, so much so that you are able to look into it as though it were a mirror, are all the rage for young rebels. But to stay safely formal, the square toe remains top of the range. The thing about the skinny tie, in any pattern or color you choose to use, is that it is just so versatile.

It well and truly matches a well and truly casual affair when all you’ll be wearing is your favored pair of faded jeans and crumpled shirt.